A huge thank you to all of you, everything was well organized and even better than last year. I truly recognize the kind of dedication it takes to pull off such events so thanks again for every effort and every thought you put into this we couldn’t have made it happen without you! Looking forward to working with you again on future events. ME Marketing Team THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP ...

  BCG Middle East CEO Forums 2018 - THANK YOU!!!!  

Hello Dharam I would like to thank you and thank all of the team for their endless effort during the month of Ramadan. They were dedicated, and I'm very very proud of working with such people. You're very lucky to get those people involve, please convey all my appreciation and thanks to the team starting from Khalid and everyone else including the girls. A special thanks go for your dedication and hard work during Ramadan, I really can't thank you enough for what you have done. Thank you very much. Bader Alkadi Executive Manager, Events & Direct Marketing ...

  From: Bader Alkadi Sent: Sunday, June 25, 2017 11:20 AM To: 'Dharam Kapoor' Subject: Mobily Ramadan Tent  

From: Sheeraz Shah
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 11:20 AM
To: 'Dharam Kapoor'; 'Parvez Khan'
Subject: FW: Western Region Panda
Dear Dharam,
I write to commend your Merchandising team on excellent displays in JRD along with our SML team. Well done.
Sheeraz ...

  Sheeraz Shah
Marketing Director
Saudi Masterbaker Ltd, Saudi Arabia

Thank you very much for a perfect event and creative idea for Mobily Firnas....

  Abdulkareem Al-Aqeel
Events & Exhibitions Specialist Manager

From: Sandy Ozdemir]
Sent: Sunday, April 19, 2015 11:36 AM
To: Dharam Kapoor; Mohammed Al Agooz; Naveed Zaidi; Nadeem
Subject: Successful Event

Hi Everyone, I would like to thank you all for supporting and setting up the hellofood social media event. A special thank you goes to Mohammed who worked very professional and with a lot of patience :). Also Mohammed provided us with pictures from the event to have the live posts on our social Media platforms We pulled off an amazing event and were trending on Twitter with our hashtag in Saudi Arabia due to the engagement of our guests. ...

  Sandy Ozdemir
Head of Marketing Middle East
Hello Food

Thank you very much for supporting us and for the hard work you have done in the past few days. It is worth as we have got the nicest booth on ground I guess. ...

  Mohanad Al-Abbadi
Field Marketing Projects Manager
Schneider Electric

I wish to express my deepest thanks and appreciation for the excellent job done to make our Annual conference a great event.

Looking forward to work with you in another Savola event....

  Mahmoud Abdul Ghaffar
Senior Vice President
Corporate Affairs & Board Secretary

Garameesh campaign was a great success, not only due the single minded creative execution, but also due to the media planning and buying.

The creativity and strategy in the planning, helped getting close to the TG and I believe we also managed to maximize the dollar value....

  Sheeraz Shah
Marketing Director
Saudi Masterbaker Ltd, Saudi Arabia

On behalf of my self, Mohammad SAAD and SE Management, I sincerely thank you and your great partner Mohammad Al Agooz for the outstanding planing and flawless execution of this tour. It was admired and enjoyed internally and externally. This project was a major success and you and your great team are main pillars of this success.

Looking forward to more great activities together. ...

  Mohammad A. Al Nahwi
Marketing Communications Department Manager
Schneider Electric

The NWC event done in December 2013, was the best ever. Thanks a lot for your efforts and professionalism...

  Saud Alsabhan
Senior Manager, Marketing & Research
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